Unit of Measure

Product Specifications

Industry Size (Unit)

N/A IPCC 29264


N/A Black


N/A 100


N/A Virgin

Length (Industry Standard)

N/A 29 in

Width (Industry Standard)

N/A 26 in

Height (Industry Standard)

N/A 4 in

Outside Length

N/A 28.62 in

Outside Width

N/A 25.78 in

Outside Height

N/A 5.08 in

Inside Length

N/A 27.56 in

Inside Width

N/A 24.38 in

Inside Height

N/A 4.17 in

Product Height

N/A 4.25 in

Stack Height

N/A 4.64 in


N/A 5.40 lb

Low Side

N/A No

Hand Truck Entry

N/A Yes

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  1. Glide locking tabs for quick and easy stacking
  2. Ergonomic handles for a more secure and comfortable grip
  3. Secondary foot ends for added stability
  4. Merchandiser low side available on 26225 and 26226 models
  5. Reinforced piping around all sidewall opening
  6. 30 % more visibility and ventilation
  7. Smooth interior surfaces throughout
  8. "T" style bottom rib for added top load strength is standard on all trays
  9. Security tabs on all bun & roll trays
  10. Water drain holes throughout for quick drying